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  • Accommodation in our diving centre on the Rangoy peninsula is divided into several categories: two luxury houses Bryggeloftet and Sorgenfri, two stylish norweigian cottages rorbu and four small two-bed cottages.
  • The most convenient travel by car and the fastest way to our diving centre and back
  • One-day trip to the town of Ålesund accompanied with a visit of a sea aquarium, trips to nearby towns of Kristiansund and Molde or a trip to the polar circle border at 66° 33', taking several days.
  • INFO
  • Information about a trip to Norway: conditions to enter the country, importing to Norway, important phone numbers...
  • Beauty of the northern Norway.

The RayDiving club base is located on the western shore of Norway, south of Kristiansund on the small Rangøya peninsula in a village bearing the same name. Thanks to its location, this site is easily accessible by both car (ca. 600 km from the capital of Oslo) and by air (to Kristiansund). Also, it is an ideal place for diving trips and the beautiful country encourages to walks or mountain bike rides.
The divers’ background is located on the ground floor of a fishermen hut, so called rorbu, standing directly on the pier from which the diving trips start. You will find here all diving equipment and complete services that you are accustomed to from our base in Croatia. The safety of divers is ensured on exactly the same maximum level. The base is equipped with a resuscitator, oxygen and is connected to the DAN organization in case of an accident.
We would also like to ensure you that a dry suit is not necessary to dive in Norway (though it is of course very pleasant). The dive sites are close to our base (max. 10 minutes with a fast boat) and the divers in wet suits have the opportunity to use a hot shower immediately to undress their wet suits and change to dry clothes.
Offered services (not just for divers) include:
- Arrangement of accommodation in stylish wooden cottages (for 2-6 persons)
- Transport by boat to dive sites
- Night dives
- Boat trips around the fjord for non-divers
- Renting of complete diving equipment
- Filling tanks with oxygen/nitrox
- Diving equipment servicing
- Opportunity to extend diving qualification (AOWD, NITROX,...)
- Dry suit rentals (including training to use)
- Accompanying less experienced divers under water
- One-day trips to Ålesund accompanied by visiting the sea aquarium
- Trips to nearby towns of Kristiansund and Molde
- Trip to a museum on the polar circle border at 66° 33'
- Fishing equipment rental
- Information p- Information for a trip to Norway
And what can you see below the sea surface in Norway? The first to catch you eyes is the seaweed. You will be hypnotized by its underwater dance. Among the seaweed swims a great amount of fish and other animals – most often you can find crabs, halibuts, anglers, codfish, but you can also spot a sea devil, huge lobsters, seals, dolphins or a catfish.
The best at the end will be a drift dive below the Atlantic Highway. The drift will carry you with a speed of up to 4 knots. You will swim into a fjord through a trench covered with yellow semicorals, watching many great fish waiting for their prey.

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