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Diving in Egypt

The most colourful safari in the Red Sea

We would like to introduce you to weeklong luxury cruise on the LIGHTHOUSE MIRACLE 1 ship.
Brothers Islands - wildlife sanctuary with the greatest numbers of sharks in the Red Sea.
Cruise plan:
Friday: Arrival to Hurghada in Egypt at 5 a.m., after customs clearance transfer to the Sahara Hotel in Hurghada, the mother harbour of the Miracle. After embarkment, the ship departs to the first diving locations, where we perform two introduction dives to familiarize with the sea.
Saturday: Salem Express (ship wreck), Panorama Reef, Abu Kafan, in the evening arrival to Brother Islands, ca seven hour long night trip.
Sunday - Tuesday: diving at the Little and Big Brothers, 3-4 dives a day. In this wildlife sanctuary, night diving is prohibited but you can feed the sharks by hand from the sea level while snorkelling near the ship in the evenings.
What can be seen at Brothers Islands?
The unforgettable diving at reefs and wrecks around Little and Big Brother, sought after particularly because of presence of large fish (white tip reef shark, oceanic white tip shark, reef sharks and with a little bit of luck also mantas and hammer-headed sharks…). Both islands are lonely pillars of volcanic origin rising to the level from depth of 300 metres on open sea. In the evenings, oceanic white tip sharks often circle around the ships. Big Brother: North-eastern wall - a reef covered with soft corals descending to 40 metres and even deeper, where hammer-headed and reef sharks, sea turtles, gropers and other fish can be spotted. On its northern end, where drift dives usually start, there is a wreck of Numidia in depths between 5-65 metres whose parts resemble railway cars with large wheels and which is already covered with beautifully coloured soft corals. Grey sharks often roam around the wreck.
The northwestern wall also falls steeply to great depth. Drift diving is possible from north to south. A favourite place of tresher sharks… On the northern end you can found another interesting wreck, AIDA II in the depth of 35-70m. It was a large Italian ship that wrecked in 1957 during while transporting soldiers. Little Brother - offers dives even richer in sea flora (soft corals and huge gorgonians). Also, there are many large fish - hammer-heads in the morning, grey, reef and tresher sharks and mantas, napoleons, tuna fish and big eye trevallies for the whole day…
During night from Tuesday to Wednesday transfer to south
Wednesday: final dives at the magnificent Elphistone or coastal reefs - Marsa Abu Dabab, Marsa Shoana or Marsa Mubarak in a bay, where a friendly dugong often appears in the afternoon. With a little bit of luck, you can dive or snorkel with this big sea mammal. Besides him, sea turtles, guitar sharks and mantas dwell here…
Thursday: resting day on the boat (sun tanning, water skiing, snorkelling…) and preparations for the way back to the Czech Republic.
Friday: In the morning hours (ca 6:30) take off for ČR.
The price includes
- Return ticket PRAGUE - HURGADA including airport fees
- Transfers: airport - Hurgada - LIGHTHOUSE MIRACLE 1 port - airport
- One week accommodation on a new boat LIGHTHOUSE MIRACLE 1 including diving
- All mandatory national park fees
- Full board including alcohol-free drinks (water, coke, coffee, tea)
- Unlimited diving including night dives (outside Brother Islands National Park)
- Safe and reliable organization of dives including guidance under water
- First aid equipment (oxygen rescue instruments including large amounts of 02 for emergency cases)
- Water skiing, water skiing banana for free time between dives
- Last night in a hotel in Hurgada, if necessary
The price does not include:
- Mandatory Egyptian visa (costs 15 USD, recommended to have the cash precisely)
- Diving equipment rental - equipment should be booked in advance, preferably with tour application submittal
- Nitrox filling
- Trip cancellation insurance
- Alcoholic drinks
- Baksheesh pocket money, ca 20, - EUR
You must take:
- Diver's license
- Decompression buoy
- Diving insurance (we recommend DAN)

And what ship are we going to dive from?

- 2 x 1150Hp MAN engines
- 2 x 55kW Perkins generators
- 2 x Bauer Mariner 250 compressor
- 1 x desalter
- 2 x Zodiac boats, 50Hp + 75Hp engines
- Laundry room
- satellite phone + internet
- satellite radio
- 10 two-bed cabins, (7 cabins with double-beds, 3 cabins with royal beds), all cabins are air-conditioned, with own toilet and quality furniture and sleeping sheets
- more than100 m2 deck for sun tanning
- excellent cuisine, 5 meals a day, local alcoholic drinks available upon request
- GPS, radar, sonar
- camera system
- 5.1 Dolby home cinema with 107cm 16:9 screen
- Computer for video and picture editing
- Underwater video camera on board.
Watch a short video about the ship...
The precise departure time from Ruzyně airport will be distributed immediately when we receive this information from the aircraft company (supposed departure time 19.4.07 - 0:10 a.m.).
Insurance against tour cancellation: TOUR INSURANCE KOOPERATIVA
Do not forget to take your logbook, diving torch (for night dives), divers license and weight belt (lead weights and tanks are available). Expected air temperature is 30 °C; water 26 °C.
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We wish you many beautiful dives and experiences!

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